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Yıldız Otomotiv

Yıldız Otomotiv

You think that will be enough to stop the ceremony? Nope. I pulled the old switcheroo, so they won’t even know the difference. Wait a minute. I think the copy I made actually cost more than this! Cheap, lousy Lars. Actually, this is extremely nice. But I really went all-out on the copy. lt was sort of my gift to them. I can’t let this happen. She’ll never be happy without me. It’s not fair. We need each other. Fry, you dumb sack. I don’t care about your problems at all. You need your blanket, Mr.

She ought to find a guy with two eyes and poke one out. That’d be a timesaver. Do you mind? You can use this as a poker. Thanks, if it’s less than five, I don’t care how many eyes he has. I want a guy who’s adventurous, self- confident, maybe a snappy dresser. These new uniforms are snappy, first officer. I suppose, captain. I’m not a big fan of velour as you are. What do you want Destroy them! That’s got a nice feel to it. Captain’s journal. Who are you talking to? You.


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